Do you love the style of our jewelry but want a custom piece for a special someone or yourself?

You’ve come to the right place!

What we offer as custom pieces

As of yet we don’t have the equipment needed to create exact replicas of a custom piece you have in mind, instead we work differently.

We will create pieces for you inspired by something of your choosing.

It could be a theme, a colour or even a character from a film.

We only work with the charms we have on us at the present time.

This means if there’s any jewelry on our website that has a charm you like, we can base your custom piece around that charm. As long as we have enough charms in stock to make your piece.

Find examples below of all the custom pieces we offer and some requests we’ve done.


Custom Disney inspired tangled theme set

The most often jewelry requests we get are custom jewelry sets.

A customer wanted jewelry inspired by the Disney film "Tangled" and wanted us to create something.

We came up with the designed set above for the request.

A themed mismatch earring set

This customer wanted what we call a "Mismatch set"

She had three themes which was strawberries, leaves and mushrooms.

She didn’t want an exact matching set because she loves to mismatch her earrings.

Seeing as she didn’t choose complete pairs this custom obviously cost her less.


Another popular request are custom statement earrings

Custom love inspired statement piece

This statement pair request had 3 main themes, he wanted the earrings to symbolise love, to include a heart and for them to be medium length but lightweight

Custom elegant themed statement earrings

What started off as a custom statement pair ended up being our best sellers.

This beautiful statement pair was requested by a bridesmaid who needed statement earrings to wear to a wedding with the dress code theme purple.

She had no idea what she wanted all she knew was that she wanted elegance, gold and a purple amethyst stone.

Custom fairy inspired statement pair

This customer wanted earrings inspired by fairies.

The requests 3 main themes were to include a fairy, to have a moon incorporated with a star.