Learn about our jewelry materials

our jewelry is..

We use the highest of quality to make your jewelry.

All our gold hooks, studs and clasps are made from either 18k or 24k gold plated stainless steel or gold plated copper.

Our silver pieces are made with stainless steel or sterling silver.

NONE of our jewelry contains nickel or lead. Nickel is the main component in all mass produced jewelry which triggers allergic reactions which is why we stay far away from it.

Using gold plated stainless steel allows your jewelry to be tarnish free and hypoallergenic.  

Copper is also tarnish free and hypoallergenic when double gold plated when made without nickel, which it is.

Our jewelry is perfect for sensitive skin and it also allows us to stay at an affordable price for all our customers.

We hope this helps answer some of your questions.

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